"I have known Jim for many years, he is an excellent drummer and instructor. He did not disappoint in hiring a like minded Guitar instructor, Phil. My grandson is 8 yrs old, Phil is able to keep him engaged and interested, not an easy task. Would highly recommend Phil." - Paul Castricone

 "Phil is a fantastic teacher. He and Jim have a huge passion for music and are great to work with."- Colin Reilly


"I came to Jim with a mission... I was 51 years old, never having ever thought about playing drums, but my church needed a contemporary rock drummer and no one else would try. By working with me he was basically working with our church and worship leader to incorporate drums for the first time. It was the best thing I have ever done! I can't believe that was over 10 years ago. I've been playing ever since and play for another church now ever single Sunday.  Jim is a phenomenal musician, a patient caring teacher and a real inspiration. He's encouraging and positive. If you ever saw the movie Mr. Holland's Opus with Richard Dryfus... let me say, Jim is another Mr. Holland and we are fortunate that he loves to share his talents with all of us. You won't find a better teacher." - Linda Hawkinson

"JIM!!! Where do we start?! I started taking lessons from Jim when I was 10 years old, up until I reached 16 or 17 years of age. Taking lessons was the highlight of my weekly routine, as Jim makes learning and practicing so enjoyable! No matter how difficult the lesson may have been for me, I never left without fully understanding what he had taught me. He simply taught at my pace, challenged me, and usually asked me at the end of each lesson, "now does all of that make sense?" :) Of course it always did....Now here I am, 19 years old, still playin' and kickin', THANKS TO JIM! LOVE YOU MAN!" - Taylor Galbraith

"I was shopping for a drum set for my two and a half year old son in December of 2007, while waiting to pay I inquired about drum teachers. A nice lady also waiting gave me a card of Jim Berretta. I called Jim and we spoke and made arrangements to meet at his studio. Soon after I brought Jayden in for his first lesson. JIm was not sure because of Jayden's young age but he put the metronome on and started testing Jayden. Well that was five and a half years ago. Jayden has far exceeded my expectations and I believe Jim's too. He now plays on a full size kit with double pedal and many add on's. He has played live at club's over twenty times since his sixth birthday. Jayden also has 15 videos on You Tube. None of this would have been possible without the hard work and dedication of Jim Berretta. There is not a better instructor for your child than Jim. Jayden think's of Jim as Uncle Jim. So if your looking for the best instructor for your child, call the best Jim Berretta." - Thomas Griggs

"Jim is such an amazing teacher! I started going to him when I was seven years old. He taught the basics of drumming to teaching me how to play a song on the drums. He takes his time with you until you get it right. If you have a problem understanding something he will break it down for you. He is such a nice guy to play with!!" - Jessica DiPrimo

Jim is a phenomenal drummer and instructor. He pushes you to better yourself. He teaches with a ton of patience and creativity and a bit of frivolity. I've learned to play three songs by Rush thanks to Jim. I highly recommend Jim Berretta for your drum instruction or playing needs. Rock on!" - Fred Mortimer

"Jim is a great teacher, especially with younger students. His patience and enthusiasm with my 2 girl drummers (6 & 12) is incredible!" - Cindi Joyce

"Hands down a great drum/ percussion teacher and friend to boot. I would highly recommend Jim to anyone interested in pursuing any type of music. He is a great people person both with adults, and kids. He can make even the shyest person smile, get into the music, and most importantly learn how to play efficiently, and with fun cutting edge technology. Three of my family members have, & some still are taking lessons from Jim. I took lessons with him for about 10 years. Your future starts here! " -Paul Liparoto

"This guy just won't be your drum teacher, he'll also turn into one of your best friends. If nothing else, this guy has one seriously awesome personality and will help you with what you want. " - Alex Hoskins

"Jim is so awesome. I was 11 years old when I started getting lessons from him. The next 5 years he taught me. I had the most fun since my first lesson. I currently live in NYC and Jim has taught me everything I know. He is so energetic and fun. And he's also patient with you so you're never left behind. He makes sure you learn and understand his curriculum and lessons. Hands down the best and a really great friend to have." - Johnny Coryn, Lion in The Mane

"I'm not sure that Jim can really be summed up in mere words. He was always more than just a great drum instructor in the 7-8 years that I went to him. He was a great friend, mentor, and just all-around cool dude. Going to a drum lesson was never a chore, it was always a blast. I don't think I've ever seen Jim not smiling and laughing hysterically. On top of all the other stuff, Jim is a BADASS on the drums and it translates completely into his teaching. You will learn a lot from Jim and it will be enjoyable 100% of the time. That is not an exaggeration. Oh yeah, and most of you will never truly understand how awesome the storage unit and Christmas lights were." - Chris Musacchia

"Jim is the best Drum Teacher around. He makes his lesson fun and educational at the same time. All of his lessons are informative and productive. Anyone can play drums, but Jim will turn you into a Drummer! I highly recommend him. " -Garth Fudens

"Great instructor! Very knowledgeable, helpful, and fun!"- Austin Good

"Jim was a phenomenal drum teacher for my daughter! She loved her lessons and looked forward to them. He filled his instruction with humor and always made it fun to learn which it should be. There were awards and other special markers along the way to make it challenging and rewarding. I very highly recommend Jim. You won't find anyone better!" - Mary Lou Johnson

"Jim is one of the best instructors that I have ever had. He is passionate about the drums and this passion carries on to his students. I learned so much in just the few years I worked with Jim due to his patience and encouragement. I would highly recommend him to beginners as well as non-beginners. Jim Beretta is the best!!! Thanks so much Jim!!!" - Chelsea Weiland

"My son started taking lessons with Jim when he was 5 years old and continued with him through high school. We loved Jim's style of teaching right from the start. JIm was always very positive, encouraging & engaging at the same time challenging my son with new skills. Because of the skills Jim taught my son along with teaching him to read music as well as play by ear it helped him be placed in the advance bands in middle school & even helped him make the drum line in his high school at a younger age than usual. I highly recommend Jim for students of all ages! " - Kelley Wood

"I took lessons from Jim since I was four years old for about ten years and not only do I see Jim as the worlds greatest drum instructor, but also a great mentor and I have come to see him more like a family member. Even though I have stopped taking lessons now that I am in college, I still love grabbing a cup of coffee with him when I'm back in town. He is the greatest guy in the world and his passion and love for teaching others the art of playing drums is unlike any other instructors! Check him out! He's the BEST!! " - Tanner Nickerson

"When our now 25 year old son, Shane was 8 years old we bought him his first set of drums since my own father played drums for a living and I also had played when I was younger. Rather than teach him myself; we were so impressed with Jim, we signed up our son for lessons. Many kids think they will be able to play right away and get disinterested when they find out it takes practice. Each Saturday we would meet Jim at "the torture chamber" as our son nicknamed Jim's studio. Jim knew he had to adapt, so he changed his approach and soon our son was hooked. He still has his original drum set in storage because he plays on his much more expensive set every day. His new house has a "music room" to accommodate the drums that are such a part of who he is. Jim is responsible for transforming a little boy, who could have easily quit, into a young man who is so proud of himself for becoming a drummer like his grandfather. - Ron and Alana Cupler

"Jim is a fantastic instructor and one of the most talented drummers in the world (I mean that, the world!). He is very encouraging and he always keeps the lessons fun whether you want to work on fundamentals or tackle a cover of your favorite song. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to start drumming as well as seasoned drummers who want to work on something new with an instructor who supports your development and celebrates the success of his students (he is often posting videos of his student's performances)." - Carly Craig

"Jim is an awesome instructor, my seven year old loves him and looks forward to the lessons each and every week. He has also taught my brother when he was a child and he is an excellent drummer at this day and time because of Jim's skill hard work and dedication to his students. I look forward to many years of lessons for my son with Jim, he is such a positive role model for him! Thanks Jim!!!!"-Shannan Titcomb

" I was a self-taught drummer. I played on and off, goofing around for around 15 years.. then started to play professionally around 9 years ago. After playing in several bands, it became apparent that many working bands play a variety of music that call for a variety of drumming styles. I needed to take lessons!! After asking around for a month or so, found that Jim was recommended highly by several local professional musicians. When I called Jim we spoke for about an hour and he asked me to make him a "dream sheet" of goals I wanted to accomplish. Jim evaluated me in different styles, told me what I could "keep" and then worked with me on new techniques, learning to read and write out basic drum exercises and to learn new stickings to help correct bad habits that I had inadvertently taught myself over the years. Even when I wasn't really sure I was "getting it," my band mates began to notice after a month or so that while my intuitive playing was maybe a lil more creative, they readily commented that my technical drumming and timing felt much tighter!  Jim is a great instructor! He is easy to talk to and is a bit like a coach.. encouraging and intuitive to the individual student. He has a system that is challenging, yet easy to comprehend! I took my first lessons ever with Jim at the age of 47! I also sat in while Jim taught students as young as 6 years old, through teens and young adults. I would happily recommend BDI for anyone wanting to play drums at any age and skill level!! " -Bryan Radke

"From the first time I took my then 8 year old son to Jim for drum lessons, I knew I had made the right decision. Jim is a patient, talented and self driven musician that shares his talent with his students and his audience during gigs. He gives more to his students then the skill that is needed for this art; he gives them confidence, self esteem and a challenge to always accomplish more. He gives his students opportunities to play with the bands that he himself plays in. These are opportunities that some students elsewhere may never experience. Watching my son so happy and confident when he practices and performs, this feeling never stops amazing me. I would recommend Jim at any given moment for he is most definitely more then an instructor to my now 11 year old son, he is a friend to our family. " - Denise Capri

"Jim is the most patient and friendly instructor ever! My 10 year old son has been taking lessons for 5 years now with no end in sight. His outgoing personality is contagious- my son has fun while learning. I would recommend Jim to everyone- any age!"-Terri Stanart

"A Brilliant Musician! My daughter took lessons from Jim for 8 Years, until we moved, . Jim is one of the greatest men I have ever met, My daughter and I consider him family! As a teacher, you couldn't ask for anyone better, his approach towards teaching is unlike any other, he has the biggest heart, and has such fun approach to teaching music! He always goes the extra mile and has helped my daughter see the future with her abilities . I highly recommend Jim as a teacher and Musician, I have seen him Rock the house numerous times, and even rocked a birthday party for us! One word Awesome!!!!" -John Rusetos

"Jim is the greatest teacher my son has ever had. Jim is the most patient person I know. My son thinks he is awesome, and nice. My son has come a long way with Jim's drum instruction. My son has been taking lessons since he was 7 and last sunday was his first live performance at age 11. He did awesome, and he had just finished learning the song the saturday before. Jim is great with the kids. He teaches them how to read music and by ear also. Thanks again Jim." -Tammy Hess


"I've had the pleasure of doing Sunday night gigs with Jim for many months now and it's always a great time doing so. A solid player and full of chops he is always on his game." - Kevin Rothney, Bassist for Kingpin

"Jim teaches my 6 & 12 year old daughters, and fills in with my band often. Not only does he learn the material, he goes out of his way to learn the show for the band he is filling in for. He goes above and beyond what any other fill in drummer I've worked with would do. And as far as teaching goes, you're not going to find a teacher with more passion and enthusiasm for what he does. Even the youngest student, he grabs their attention from the get go. He loves what he does and it shows." - John Joyce, Sweet Spot.

"I've been playing saxophone and entertaining professionally since the last century :) ! I've been blessed to have played with many talented people and Jim is right at the top of the list! He is an excellent drummer, musician and a great person. I am sure his enthusiasm and love for what he does is present in his teaching also! " -Alan Darcy

"Jim is an incredible Musician, awesome guy and a great teacher.  I highly recommend!!!" - Eddie Garrido

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jim Berretta for years. Excellent drummer. Knows how to fit the music like a cameleon. Listens, adjusts, and convict every song and musician he works with. I’d recommend him again and again!!" - James "JR" Williams, Bassist for The Spazmatics

"Jim has been a great friend and has filled in for my bands for years. He is absolutely hands down the best drum teacher around,he is great with kids,very personable,funny,and makes it very exciting for kids of all ages.highly recommended...." -Shane Whalen

"I have played numerous gigs with Jim around town for the last few years. It is always a pleasure to play music with Jim. My favorite thing about Jim is the fact that he listens. He doesn't overplay and he doesn't underplay, he listens to what is happening and puts it all together with a solid drum beat every time. That in itself is a talent that needs to be taught and learned. Above and beyond that Jim is very reliable and a pleasure to work with always." -John Barney, Lead Vocalist and Guitarist for Well Strung

"Jim is one of the most musical timekeepers I've played with. I wish I could play with him more. His tremendous drumming skill and his fun attitude make for a great instructor. My daughter will be studying with him when she gets a little older." -Keith Russell, Bassist of 28 years.

"As the co-owner of an all-occasion band, Jim has been our go-to drummer for over 10 years. He brings great energy and a professional attitude to every job. Jim can play every genre - and do it well. " -Dianne Cutri, Double Vision

"I can't comment on Jim's lessons because I'm a keyboard player but I can comment on Jim's playing. I've been in the music business as a performer for over 40 years. Jimmy B has gigged with me many many times over the last almost 15 years. All I can say is this one of the most talented and professional musicians I've ever worked with! He is ALWAYS prepared and always has the greatest attitude. He is adept in so many styles and is open to all genres of music. I can only imagine as a drum instructor you have found the best! (This is not a paid political announcement!)" -Frank Cutri, Double Vision